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Shea Candle Collection

Big Luxury Candle

Big Luxury Candle

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Indulge in the opulent ambiance created by our Big Luxury Candle. Available in both a massive 70 oz and a more compact 20 oz size, this candle exudes elegance and sophistication with its premium quality and luxurious scent. Elevate your space with the perfect touch of luxury.

Black Sea: Salty oceanic accords combine with dark musk and sandalwood to fill your space with this balanced, airy scent.

Coconut Soleil: Get your beachy vibes on with fruity pineapple top notes whipped into mid notes of banana and coconut and finished off with a splash of vanilla and tonka bean. 

Solar Sands: A rich heart of coconut milk and warm amber unfurls with citrus and palm top notes. A base of teakwood, salt, and dark musk capture the essence of dusk over the sea.

Golden Santal: This scent has a strong base of sandalwood and musk that some of us found nostalgic, woody, warm, and alluring, subtle top notes of fennel, ginger, and cardamom accentuate mid notes of rich amber, cedar, clover, and lavender.

Mahogany Shea: A top note of sweet almond gives way to the slight nutty aromas of shea and coconut. Natural woody notes of sandalwood and cedar are smoothed out with light musk and tonka bean base notes.

Warm Vanilla: Vanilla and sandalwood are surrounded with whispers of soft floral nuances.

Every Candle is made to order- We do not accept returns and exchanges.


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